Dedicated to improving and expanding the abilities of Team HYPER.

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About the HYPER Alumni Association

The HYPER Alumni Association is dedicated to helping improve and expand the abilities of Team HYPER by fostering interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as personal growth.

As alumni, we are in a unique advantage to help the students who are now on our former team. Whether it is by donating time (mentoring students directly, helping staff events, or passing along knowledge) or financially (helping purchase equipment, tools, and uniforms, create scholarships for trips or college) we have the ability to continue to better the team. We will better support the team as a group than as individuals.

We encourage alumni from all around the country to become involved. People can donate time and resources remotely if there are jobs that can be done from anywhere, such as contributing content to the website or recruiting new members and contacts.

Most importantly, we want to continue to share our knowledge, our stories, and our passion for the team.  If we could pass on what we learned as students, we could build a very strong team and a very good environment for the students there today.

Our Mission:

The Helping Youth Pursue Engineering and Robotics (HYPER) Alumni Association develops sustained support for the betterment of the spirit and body of the Quincy Public Schools FIRST robotics Team, “Team HYPER”. The HYPER Alumni Association develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between Team HYPER and its alumni and friends to encourage support, financial and otherwise, of efforts related to Team HYPER’s mission, goals, and future.

Who We Are:

We are all former participants of Team HYPER, which is comprised of students and faculty from Quincy Public Schools as well as employees and affiliates of Team HYPER’s corporate partners. We represent a wide range of professions, ages, and personal interests.


1. Establish and cultivate relationships with alumni and friends of Team HYPER through communications, events, and services.
2. Promote membership in the HYPER Alumni Association to encourage sustained support for the program and Team HYPER.
3. Serve as an external resource for Team HYPER by providing alumni mentoring and support, working with students and teachers to identify additional opportunities for alumni involvement and cultivation.
4. Identify and motivate alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds for graduating HYPER students.

How to Get Involved:

The Alumni Associate is open to contributions and membership by alumni and friends all around the country. There are opportunities to get involved even if you no longer live in Massachusetts.

  • Sign up for a HYPER Alumni website account and contribute to content through blogging and photo and video upload
  • Stop by HYPER’s home in Quincy, MA, and mentor students
  • Donate resources and supplies to Team HYPER
  • Join the Alumni Association by attending meetings and expanding our member base 

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact Michelle Maguire ’00 at [email protected]



Website Statement:

The Website is aimed to be a tool to help the communication and public awareness of the HYPER Alumni Association. This website is our portal to share updates about the Team; these are provided by alumni who are currently involved.

Contributors of the Website


Chris Johnson – Senior Editor: Team Affairs

During the build season Chris Johnson is our man in the field. He gives weekly updates after the “Adult meetings” about the status and progress of the team, Issues the team faces, decisions made, and things to see in the future.

Chris Johnson was a member of Team HYPER as a student for four years and later came back to help the team and to mentor students. A well seasoned member of the Team having been a Programmer, Electrical Team, Scout, and Jack of all Trades during his time as a Student, he has been able to fill in the gaps as necessary as a mentor and has helped run and organize team events. He was also named one of the Alumni Heroes on this site.


Marc Griffin – Senior Editor: Columnist

Marc Griffin writes a monthly column called “Griff’s Retrospective.” These are looks back at the way he remembers it and the way he thinks it should be. The new series “Speaking with my Wallet” Is his dealing with his personal quest to stick it to the former sponcer of team HYPER where it hurts, there customer base. He also the current webmaster for the website.

Marc Griffin was a member of Team HYPER as a student for three years and stayed on for seven more years to help the team and mentor students. He focused on the area of the team around building the robot and the Pit Crew, and helped to run team events. Was a Pit Boss in the 2008 and 2009 seasons for Team HYPER.


Myles Sawtelle- Columnist

Myles Sawtelle is the Newest Columnist and one of the newest voices to the website. You can look forward to his stories, opinions, and any other HYPER related thoughts he may have.

Myles was student member of Team HYPER for four years and still visits the team often, when he can he volunteers time to the team, but ever since his graduating he’s always made and effort to at least drop in every so often to lighten peoples day during the Build season and events. During his time as a student on the team he was a Pit Crew member and Pit Crew Captain, as a volunteer he has been a mentor and helpful hand to the team, and was a judge at this years LEGO league event.


Michelle Maguire- Advice Columnist

Michelle Maguire is a founding member of the HYPER Alumni Association and also co-facilitator. She is going to be adding to those duties the task of being the site’s Advice Columnist. Send your submissions to [email protected], and you can read the latest replies at Ask Mom, right here on the site.

Michelle Maguire was member of Team HYPER as a student for two years but stayed on as a mentor for the team ever since. Most notability has been her time as the mentor of the animation group, on the chairman’s award group, float committee, LEGO league and Mini Meet organizer, along with her many other jobs on the Team.


Brian Collins – Columnist

Brian Collins is a frequent contributor to the site buy posting up his thoughts and opinions on the Blog or in comments. He writes the column “My Words.”

Brian Collins was member of Team HYPER as a student for four years and has frequently return to volunteer his time. Most notable is his presence at the LEGO league and Mini Meet Events as Master of Ceremonies. During his time as a student on the team he was a human player and on the drive team.


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